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“Momentos Alhambra Jazz” PABLO HELD “Piano Solo”

09:00 pm
Anticipada: 15€ / Taquilla: 18€

Pablo Held, se ha dado a conocer más allá de las fronteras del país por su arte de improvisación en Pablo Held Trío y a través de sus colaboraciones con grandes artistas del jazz como John Scofield y Chris Potter, rara vez se escucha en un ambiente individual.

  • Pablo Held – PIANO


Pablo Held, who has become known far beyond the country’s borders for his improvisational art in the Pablo Held Trio and collaborations with jazz greats such as John Scofield and Chris Potter, is rarely heard in a solo setting.

But from time to time he withdraws alone to the grand piano, an instrument that seems more neutral in sound than almost any other instrument, and yet can combine and represent all instruments in itself.

The fascination of solo piano is revealed to the audience at the concert. At the beginning you see a chair and a long black box. Silence. From the first note, the first air vibration, an irresistible magic can emerge from the potential of silence.

In the genre of the solo piano, Pablo Held appears as a narrator, he paints his dream pictures, plays his own compositions, presents his own version of his favorite pieces from various musical genres and combines the expressiveness of jazz with the sound esthetics of European classical music and the characteristics of other musical genres, regardless of their origin. Everything is intense because everything he hears is assimilated and transformed. His art is enriched by beauty and truth. His secret: Pablo Held plays with self forgetfulness and at the same time knows exactly what he is doing.


Entrada Anticipada: 15€
Entrada en Taquilla: 18€

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